About this Blog

Bridging Ideas, Driving Change

From 1998-2012, the International Council on Human Rights Policy (ICHRP) provided a forum for applied research, reflection and forward thinking, grappling with the challenge of translating universal human rights principles into policy realities. The ICHRP strengthened human rights advocacy through applied policy research and knowledge generation in over 30 key areas of global public policy. (Read more about ICHRP.)

Active from June 2011 until the closure of the ICHRP in February 2012, the ICHRP Human Rights Policy Blog was an informal platform for commentary and critical thinking on human rights challenges. We focused primarily on the critical human rights themes on which ICHRP projects were concentrated. The blog was designed as a collective exploration of these themes and issues in the context of current events, connecting our cutting-edge research to human rights developments and challenges. The posts were intended as conversation starters – an avenue towards a greater discussion, and not the final word on any issue presented.

Disclaimer: All the opinions represented on this blog should be considered the authors' own and do not necessarily represent the views of the ICHRP.